The Antioxidant Qualities Of Red Raspberries For Better Eyesight

Our eyes need the right nutrition in order to function in a healthful way. One way to provide them with this sustenance is to include red foods in our diet. Red foods are an essential addition to your diet to improve vision health as these foods consist of important eye health promoting nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and substances called anthocyanins, ( potent disease fighting plant compounds that give fruits and vegetables their colors. They also boast a series of general health benefits to booth. Some examples of red foods for better vision include strawberries, watermelons, apples, red peppers and cherries to name a few. One example of such red foods are Red raspberries. These are packed with nutrients and antioxidants such as vitamin C, Quercetin, and ellagic acid. Therefore, here are the benefits of red raspberries for better vision and general health as well:

Eye Health Benefits: Eating Red Raspberries can increase healthy circulation to the heart. This benefits eye health by increasing healthy blood circulation to the blood vessels of the eyes due to the heart health promoting properties of its anthocyanin content. This leads to an improvement in eye health. A study published in the journal of agriculture revealed that the anthocyanin content found in plant compounds and fruits can provide the eyes with protection against the negative effects of oxidative stress that can cause damage to healthy eye cells. It may also improve the function of Rhodopsin, (the pigment in the eyes responsible for helping us to see clearly in dim light conditions.

Heart Health: The anthocyanin content in this fruit provides benefits associated with heart health and also reduces the risks for cardiovascular diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention actually recommends adding this fruit to your diet for the maintenance of cardiovascular health as it may reduce the risks for heart disease.

Cancer Prevention: Red Raspberries consists of Ellagic Acid. This plant compound consists of anti – cancer fighting properties that help in combating cancer cells. A cancer prevention research study revealed that this antioxidant rich food fights the development and growth of cancer cells due to its Ellagic Acid content. Due to their antioxidant and phytonutrient content they possess cancer fighting properties, and in animal studies they have been shown to combat various forms of cancer including breast, cervical, colon and prostate cancers.

Healthy Regulation of Blood Sugar Levels: This eye food is useful in the healthy regulation of blood sugar levels. Nutritional compounds that come from the family of red foods improve the body’s ability to decrease insulin resistance thereby decreasing blood sugar levels. This makes it a recommended food for people who have concerns about Diabetes.

Combats Obesity: Research studies suggest that 2 key health promoting nutrients in this red food for eyes called rheosmin and a flavonoid, tiliroside play a role in fighting type 2 Diabetes. Additionally, these nutrients also contribute to the metabolism of fat cells thereby boosting fat metabolism. From this point of view, this food to improve eyesight is a good nutritional ally in fighting obesity.

When it comes to improving, preserving and protecting eye health, and feeding the body the necessary nutrition for overall general health coverage, you may want to seriously consider making red raspberries, an integral part of your diet for maximum health.

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